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  • Choosing your Excalibur Shovel
    Generally, there are 2 types of diggers. Pluggers and scoopers. Pluggers dig a plug, find the target with a pinpointer, then retrieve the target with a hand digger. Scoopers dig a plug, swing over the the hole and plug. If the target is still in the hole they scoop dirt out until they detect the target outside of the hole. For pluggers we recommend our standard size spade. For scoopers we recommend our WIDE spade. Weight of your Excalibur. Our largest shovels are still light weight. Our 40" shovels weigh 3.25-3.5lbs. If you are detecting for long periods of time, 5+ hours, you want a light shovel. Our 31" shovels weigh 2.5-2.75lbs. (Tip: You should wear as much of your gear as possible and carry as little as possible.) Length of your Excalibur. The longer the shovel the less bending over. Our 40" shovel is a great length for a long shovel. Our 36" shovel saves on weight. Every little bit helps when you're detecting for long periods. Our 31" is standard length. Reason being is most people can hold the shovel by the handle, while standing, without dragging the spade on the ground. This length tends to be the best combination of weight and length. All of our shovels have our patented center of weight hand grip. This allows the user to hold their shovel without having it slide back and forth in their hand. This is especially useful with our longer length shovels. (Tip: You can custom fit your length. While standing in a normal posture, measure the distance from your knuckles to the ground. Minus 1" and that will give your custom length. If your knuckles measure 30" from the ground, your custom shovel length is 29".) The give with a shorter shovel is you will find yourself bending over more frequently. This is still a very effective digging tool and the right weight to carry all day. Copyright © 2022 Excalibur Shovels LLC
  • Are customizations available?
    Minor customization is available. Contact us for additional information.
  • Shipping and handling
    Your item will ship within 1-2 business days.
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