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Build Your Merlin

Build Your Merlin

Quality, Strength, Durability, EXCALIBUR!


Handcrafted in the U.S.A.

Merlin is optomized for travel. Fits in Luggage or backpack!

Patent Pending connection splits in 2 parts. 31"(STANDARD LENGTH) splits into 16.5" lengths. 40" splits into 21" lengths. Any length will split to half its length +1" for connection.

All-Metal design manufactured from high strength lightweight steel. No other shovel is made from stronger steel.

Designed for precise digging.


Engineered for metal detectorists by metal detectorists.

5 Year Warranty



Standard Blade Length: 8" (20cm)

WIDE Blade Length: 9" (23cm)



Overall Lengths

Standard Length 31"(79cm)

Mid Length 36"(91cm)

XL Length 40"(102cm)


To ensure a quality fit, any extra spades or handles must be purchased at the same time together. Contact us before your purchase if you want customized handles or spades.  


The two-tone color option is located under the Accessories tab.


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